Another lost game of Go + some escaping from Alcatraz

Another game of Go, another loss to Janne. This time the numbers were more to my favour, 62-75. It was quite an interesting game, actually — Janne started killing one of my groups right away and actually managed to do it — when he did it, the group was about 20 stones. However, I got lots of influence on the other side of the board. I would’ve won, but suboptimal moves on my side caused some loss of territory. If I had made even slightly better decisions on some moves, I would’ve won.

Too bad I can’t play with Janne anymore. He’s a great opponent — with 9 stone handicap we’re almost on equal level, he doesn’t make fun of my bad moves and he even lets me undo really catastrophically bad moves. That’s very nice.

As another friend of mine dropped by and returned my Alcatraz, we played that too. It’s an ok game, nothing really special, but works as a light 2-player abstract. With more players, it gets too crowded and chaotic.

Janne won the game, as I made some tactical blunders. I managed to get one of my four pawns to escape, while Janne got all three that are required for a win.

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