BSW gaming: Puerto Rico

Another game of Puerto Rico at BSW — it seems quite easy to pick up PR games there, like it used to be easiest to get Carcassonne games earlier.

And yet again, I did not win. I got a really bad start — I did buy Hospice on the first round, but failed to get my production started. Eventually it did work out nice — I got lots of quarries, Office and Large Market. That meant I got enough money to buy Fortress (goes well with the Hospice) and also Residence.

It was quite even — 40, 41, 45 (me) and 53. The winner got a large building (I think he took Customs House) and probably shipped a lot. It’s hard to keep track of it, as you won’t see how many VP chits your opponents have.

I’ve now played 16 games of Puerto Rico (half of them 3-player, 6 with four and twice with five — four is the best, I think, with five I’d rather play Princes of Florence or El Grande). I’ve won it seven times, but those seven times were probably the seven first games when my opponents were total newbies.

It’s no doubt the most played "bigger" game this year this far, only Go, Zértz and Carcassonne are ahead of it and most of the Go games are fast online games on small board. It beats Tigris & Euphrates from the last year (I bought it in May and played it 14 times) and by far Princes of Florence, which I’ve only played seven times this year and last combined. I’m surprised — did I only play Princes three times last year and four times this year? That’s sad, because I like it very much. I must play it more, obviously.

Less stats, more games!

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