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  • Jungle Rumble

    The game: Jungle Rumble by Eros Lin, Nightsorrow Chou and Zeldaaa Ling, published by ErosGames in 2013. Elevator pitch: Puerto Rico action selection meets Agricola farming and feeding in a small box with cute kittens. What’s in the box? The small box is packed with field tiles, kitten tiles, action tiles, cardboard food tokens and wooden bits for water ways, stores and […]

  • Sense of achievement

    I was writing about Cuba on the Finnish Board Game Society forums after my latest experience with the game and I think my friend Tommy hit the nail on the head on what I don’t like about the game. It’s the lack of snowballing. Valerie Putnam wrote about Snowballs and Princess Brides on Boardgame News […]

  • Year metric

    I’ve been a fan of Matthew Gray’s month metric. Now I happened unto his Every year 2007 update, focusing on the year metric. I haven’t been bothering with that, believing I wouldn’t have many high-scoring games. Well, I thought, why not — it’s a simple thing to add to my game stats package. I was […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2007

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the The Finnish Players’ Picks 2007 GeekList. See the full list at Lautapelaaja.net. This year we had more voters, more hardcore gamers voting and lots of interesting games on the list. A good year, and another proof the hobby is indeed growing! The winner? Puerto Rico.

  • Hot games for Q2/2006

    Here’s a list of hottest games for the second quarter of 2006 for me. This is based on number of plays, my enjoyment of the game and the novelty value, so new games tend to show up higher on the list. You can also check the previous quarter, with completely different games. Thurn und Taxis […]

  • Alastair Reynolds and Puerto Rico

    This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Affiliate links are marked with a €.If you’re into science fiction (with a hard emphasis on science, not just any speculative fiction), you should be aware of Alastair Reynolds’ work. Particularly the trilogy of Revolution Space, Redemption Ark and […]

  • Puerto Rico PBW over

    Our PBW Puerto Rico game is over. It took about five months, which is too much. The delays got pretty bad at times. Well, I’m not to blame, even though I had few longer delays: I was still the fastest player to respond according to the end-game statistics. I lost, but it was close: the […]

  • Games Saturday with Tommy, Stefu and Robert

    Saturday was the big games day of the weekend, when Tommy and Stefu came all the way from Vantaa/Espoo and were joined by Robert of the local gamers. We started around noon and played almost 12 hours straight. It was pleasant, efficient and very entertaining. Here’s what we played: Flix Mix. I played this with […]

  • Finnish Players’ Picks 2005

    Finnish Players’ Picks for 2005 have been chosen. The winner is Carcassonne. Puerto Rico, the previous winner, places second. Ticket to Ride grabs the third place. As usual, I’ve created a geeklist of the best games. The full list is on the award homepage.

  • BrettSpielWelt session

    It’s been a while since my last BrettSpielWelt session. Six months, actually! Well, nothing’s changed over there, just a new game or few. However, playing anything except the standards proved to be pretty hard, as usual. I got in five games of San Juan, with two and three players. The three-player games proved to be […]