Games Journal

The Games Journal for September has been published! Go read it now, if you’re interested in board games. It’s simply the best webzine there is. I usually read it immediately after it comes out. It’s always there, 1st of each month.

I also always send Greg Aleknevicus, the editor, few lines of encouragement after each issue. I like the zine, it’s free, that’s the least I can do. I also try to come up with some feedback on the articles; if you search through the archives (everything is archived, the web site is a wonderful resource of good board game articles) for the letters section, you’ll find few letters to editor written by yours truly.

I’ve yet to write an article to the zine. I’d like to, and will do so some day. I promise… But in the other hand, the quality of the zine makes me hesitant. Am I worth The Games Journal? So, this far I’ve been enjoying the best free board game articles there are.

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