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  • Photo of the Month!

    I won! My photo was chosen the winner of the March 2011 Monthly Photo Contest! Here’s my entry for the April 2011 Monthly Photo Contest:

  • New photoblog

    BoardGameGeek recently reintroduced the blog feature. I thought ‘why not?’ and started a photoblog using the Geek blog system. I’m posting board game photos there, discussing photography. It’s a simple interface, easy to add Geek photos and drop a few lines of text, and the audience is already there. There was already some interesting comments […]

  • Through the Ages play-by-web

    There’s a nice Through the Ages play-by-web site at Boardgaming Online. The interface is not very smooth, but it works as long as you know how to play the game. I’m in couple of games. One of them hasn’t progressed much — four players, different countries — but the other went seven rounds today thanks […]

  • WordPress search plugin plug

    This has nothing do with games, so if you don’t have a WordPress blog, skip on. If you do have a WordPress blog, there’s something I want to tell you. The default WordPress search sucks.  It has very simple matching and always returns results in date order, most recent first. In small blogs this might […]

  • Lautapeliopas in English

    Lautapeliopas now has a small Lautapeliopas in English page. I’m going to buy some advertising on Boardgame News, so that was the kick I needed to add the English info page. I was going to donate anyhow and the difference between $20 donation and $60 sponsorship is fairly small, especially as the latter is tax-deductible […]

  • BGG admins delete Winsome reprint list

    BoardGameGeek admins have removed the super useful Winsome Games reprint geeklist. Apparently it violates site policy in a way that several other similar reprint lists don’t. As the list was one of the most useful resources in the Geek, I’m very annoyed to see it gone. Ok, so there’s an explanation. Makes sense, I suppose, […]

  • Correlation tool, new feature

    I added a new feature to my BGG correlation tool. If you match your correlation to all users (don’t enter a second user) and make sure Refresh cache is checked, you’ll find a user named BoardGameGeek average rating on the list. That shows your correlation to the Geek average rating, based on the Geek ratings. […]

  • Game tasters

    I’m a Game Taster — though I wish I had a bit more time to actually taste everything interesting and have some time to really savour the stuff I find tasty.

  • Finnish Board Game Society Christmas Greeting

    The Finnish Board Game Society Christmas Greeting — shown here — is pretty cool. Kudos to Sampo Sikiö. The idea is obviously cool, because I used it for the Lautapeliopas 404 page (the Lautapeliopas card text says “Name a card that isn’t in your deck. If you can find the card in your deck, take […]

  • Lautapeliopas opened!

    The new version of my board game web site is now open. is gone, welcome Lautapeliopas, more modern — some might say Web 2.0 — version. Just about everything from the old site is present on the new and I’ve also added the contents of my board game book, updated and refreshed. I’ve also […]