Carcassonne at BSW

I went today to BSW to play Tichu which I’ve decided to learn. However, unlike usually, there was only one Tichu player there.

So, unwilling to leave empty-handed, I played a two-player game of an old favourite, Carcassonne.

It was a very good game. The result says it all: I won 108-105! It was very close game. My opponent got an early lead, which I took back when I finished my 24 point city. I managed to get the larger field, while my opponent got most of the cloisters. In the end, I managed to sneeze few points — one game-winning move was, for example, to join my one-piece city start to a slightly larger unfinished city. My opponent would’ve got few points from that, which I now neutralized.

It was a perfect game, close and exciting and of course, what’s best, I won!

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