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  • Top 10 tile laying games

    I did a list of top 10 tile-laying games. I’ve defined tile laying much more strictly than the BoardGameGeek tile placement game mechanism list does. I’m looking for games where tile laying or tile placement is the main mechanism. The game should be about laying tiles, with spatial relationships between tiles being important: either connections […]

  • Carcassonne: Safari

    The game: Carcassonne: Safari by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. The game was published by Hans im Glück in 2018. My copy is on loan from the Finnish publisher Lautapelit.fi. I’m going to assume the reader is familiar with the basic Carcassonne. Elevator pitch: A Carcassonne game set in the African savannah, where the scoring is not based on counting the […]

  • September 2015 new and noteworthy

    September wasn’t a bad month. I played quite a few games, and updated my Top 100 list. Race to the North Pole is a Finnish game that debuts in Essen this year. It’s a nice little race game, where you have to get to the North Pole before the other players. The trick here is that […]

  • Carcassonne: South Seas

    The game: Carcassonne: South Seas, by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, published by Hans im Glück in 2013. Elevator pitch: First game in the Carcassonne Around the World series: an independent Carcassonne game set in the South Seas, featuring familiar Carcassonne game play with novel scoring system. What’s in the box? Usual Carcassonne-size box contains tiles, meeples, wooden resource tokens (clam shells, bananas, […]

  • Ropecon 2013

    Ropecon, the largest non-profit roleplaying convention in Europe, was this weekend. I went there, again, as it’s part of my standard yearly con circuit, but this time I took my seven-year-old son with me. That meant less board games, but more other programme and a new view on things. It was fun! The highlight for […]

  • Gaming Year 2012

    Another year gone. Good years keep on rolling – I rather enjoyed 2011, and have no complaints about 2012. My kids continued to be good playing company. My son is now six and half, and is ready for some proper family games. I started introducing him to card games, as well, and that worked well. […]

  • Gaming Year 2011

    2010 was a good year. Well, 2011 was even better. I played more games than on any year on my records. Quality matters, too, but I can control quality more than I can control quantity and if quantity is good, quality tends to be good as well. I played lots of games with my son. […]

  • Recent new games

    Looks like my game reporting is lagging a bit, again. Two weeks ago I introduced Attika to my Monday game opponent. This classic is still fun and an interesting challenge. Barons is a very ugly game (as can be expected) from Cambridge Game Factory. Too bad is nowhere near as interesting as Glory to Rome. […]

  • Recent games

    Space Hulk: Death Angel. I played couple of two-player games with my brother. In the first game we were severely beaten. We then tried playing the game removing the restriction on actions, allowing the same action to be taken several times in a row. Turns out the difficulty of the game is very much caused […]

  • ArsGeek Carcassonne giveaway

    ArsGeek is about all things geek, including board games. Right now they’re running a contest where you can win one of 5 copies of Carcassonne. Check it out! It’s very simple: all you need to do is to explain why you deserve a copy. The winners will be published April 19th.