Puerto Rico victory!

I rule! Finally I was able to win my first ever game of Puerto Rico in the Brettspielwelt! It took many tries, but I did it!

My opponents weren’t total novices, either. One of the had played over 300 games, while other had played about 10 or so. It showed — the first guy was second, only one point behind me (scores were 50-49-37), while the second guy made several smaller or bigger mistakes during the game (buying Construction Hut late in the game, taking fourth quarry, choosing Builder on the last turn when he really should’ve taken Captain and so on).

I’m ecstatic! I played Factory tactic, got Hacienda as my first build and started building my empire from there. I got up four goods (I had Tobacco equipment for a long time, but just didn’t have men to produce) so my Factory produced well. I also got Harbour, which was essential for my victory. I should’ve bought Warehouse earlier — now I got the Large Warehouse on the second to last turn. I had the Guild Hall, and all production buildings except Small Sugar Mill (I took a Hospice on the last turn, could’ve taken Sugar Mill too — same amount of points anyway).

Fun game, indeed! Exciting and the result was very pleasing.

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