Year 2002 board game club stats

I also keep the statistics for our board game club. I think it’s interesting to know what games are played (and by whom, but that is of minor interest). Of course, you can keep track of the stats in real time at the web site, but here’s a review of the last year’s numbers.

Number of meetings: 9 (10 last year)

Number of games played: 185 (139)

Number of different games played: 68 (43)

Number of players: 53 (33)

Number of players with 2+ visits: 23 (21)

Game most people played: Carcassonne (24 players, 45%)

Game of the year: Puerto Rico


Carcassonne (15)

Boomo (11)


Tigris & Euphrates (8)

Ohne Furcht und Adel (7)

El Grande (6)

Web of Power (6)

Metro (5)

Villa Paletti (5)

Igel Ärgern (5)

Isis & Osiris (5)

10’s list is shorter than last year (4 games), but 5’s list is longer (only 2 games last year). So, it looks like we had a lot more diversity than in 2001. We played 22 games of Spacewalk then, but it was played only once in 2002. But this is obvious — we’ve had a lot more games available, as other people than myself have started to buy them.

Session metrics:

Carcassonne (7)

Manhattan (4)

Ohne Furcht und Adel (4)

Tigris & Euphrates (4)

El Grande (3)

Guillotine (3)

Metro (3)

Princes of Florence (3)

Puerto Rico (3)

Spacebeans (3)

21 games with two sessions, 37 with one session.

This one’s a fairly good measurement of popularity. Carcassonne is an easy game to play and often hits the table. Manhattan’s popularity surprises me, but it only got one game in each session. All the other games were played more than once in each session it hit the table.

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