I just played few quick games of Go on Kiseido Go Server. It was definitely fun, but also made quite clear I am no good in Go.

I played two games against players of approximately my level and lost both (I also lost a lightning game to a much better players — no surprises there). I just can’t make up enough territory — though I’ve played so little on proper 19×19 boards so I can easily put that on lack of experience. 9×9 doesn’t really teach one to capture territory… In better one of the games, I’m sure I could’ve done more, but I just didn’t know how.

Frustrating, but it makes me want to learn more. I want to be better! Unfortunately, that probably takes much more concentration and effort than I can give. Well — one day, one day… And that’s really the charm in Go, whatever I do there something new to learn. Can’t really say that about any of our precious German games.

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