Vom Kap bis Kairo

I played two games of Vom Kap bis Kairo last weekend. For the first time, I tried the variant recommended by Greg Alecnevikus. That is, when player builds a track and there’s no auction, the turn moves to left instead of staying on the same player. So, you can’t save money in auctions and then on the last turn run through four-five landscapes.

The competition becomes more interesting. You can’t fall out of pace — if you are three-four landscapes behind in the end, there’s no way you can catch up. You must bid more aggressively during the game. It all results to a more interesting game instead of “bid low until the last auction”-strategy, which is simply boring.

I look forward playing more Vom Kap bis Kairo this year thanks to this new rule change which really improves the game in my opinion.

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