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  • Vom Kap bis Kairo

    I’ve written a review of Vom Kap bis Kairo in Finnish. English-speaking visitors can read what I wrote about the game in Boardgamegeek a year ago and compare. I think Vom Kap bis Kairo is a nice little blind bidding game. Players try to build a railroad line from Cape Town to Cairo, crossing eight […]

  • Wednesday Games part 5: Amun-Re, East-West

    It’s already the fifth session of our Wednesday games (would be six, except I missed the previous meeting). This time we started with a game of The Last Panther from the Mü games. Well, we actually played just one hand, because then Olli joined us. We started on the main treat, then. It was, of […]

  • Board game club meeting

    Board game club met last Sunday and I got to play many interesting games, including few new games I hadn’t experienced before. My number one priority was testing Goldland which I have wanted to try for the last two times — I’ve always run out of time. This time that would happen, I thought, and […]

  • Vom Kap bis Kairo

    I played two games of Vom Kap bis Kairo last weekend. For the first time, I tried the variant recommended by Greg Alecnevikus. That is, when player builds a track and there’s no auction, the turn moves to left instead of staying on the same player. So, you can’t save money in auctions and then […]

  • Lost Cities weekend

    I visited my parents last weekend and as usual, games were played. I took my standard set of games: the Africa box, filled with Africa, Puerto Rico and 6 Nimmt, Battle Line which included Vom Kap bis Kairo and as a newcomer, Lost Cities. Lost Cities turned out to be the big hit of the […]

  • Weekend gaming

    This weekend I visited my parents and played games with them. I also tested my new game recording system: I bought a small notebook which I dedicated to making notes on my games. Before I’ve made notes in my calendar, this way they are a bit more permanent and I can have more room to […]