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I’ve been hanging around at the Puolenkuun Pelit web forum. There’s not much about board games, but it’s been curious to watch and participate nevertheless. Also, they’re planning a gaming weekend in September, which looks like a good event.

Yesterday I prepared my talk about board games, which I’ll be having tomorrow when the game studies group meets for the second time — right after an exam on WWW programming. It should be interesting, and I’m also carrying a load of noteworthy games with me for all the computer gamer geeks to see. Wish me luck!

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2 responses to “Recent action”

  1. Ooh, good luck!
    If you do go to the PP weekend in September, it would seem very likely to me that you ought to be able to get at least some of the people to play our sort of game as well.

  2. Good luck!
    I used to be addicted to video games, and I am very happy that my board game addiction is much healthier.
    I am sure it will go well.