It’s been a while since I played Go at the Kiseido Go Server. Well, I did today. For some reason my rating has crept up while I haven’t played, so I found out I was rated as a 17 kyu player. Which is kind of funny, as I’m 28 kyu at Dragon Go Server and probably somewhere in between in real life.

My first opponent played a better game than I, but resigned after a tactical mistake lost him something like seven stones. I bet he would’ve won the game, had we played it through.

My second opponent was 14 kyu player and I was expecting a loss from the start. Well, I lost, but it was only 3, 5 points. Had I played a certain situation better, I could’ve won. So that was close, and now I feel like a good player. Yippee. Now I just have to work on my Dragon rating to make it represent my skills better… I’m definitely better than 28 kyu.

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