I played a game of Mythos. It’s one of my favourite multi-player collectible card games. Olli had bought some cards and we played a game so I could teach him the rules to the game. We used two of my decks, as he had no decks of his own built yet.

My Mad German Inventor faced his Proud Prussian Submariner. I played The Great Epidemic deck with lots of undead and typhoid epidemies. Proud Prussian Submariner worked with Innsmouth folk and Deep Ones, trying to Stand Against the Order. The game ended when I was close to winning it as Olli’s Submariner lost his marbles under an attack by a bunch of undead.

It’s a fun game and I’m looking forward to face the decks made by Olli. New challenges! The two-player game is decent fun, but requires certain deck building style. Loading deck with monsters is an easy way to win, just blast your opponent insane, but that’s not fun. Moderate use of monsters means better games.

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