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  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon is a fantasy world developed by Reiner Knizia and at the same time the first game set in that world. A board game is on the way, so it won’t remain the only Blue Moon game for a long time. Gotta get them all Blue Moon is about eight different peoples, all mixed […]

  • Entering Blue Moon

    I got my first taste of Blue Moon yesterday. I got my set, and just had to give it a go. I’ve been somewhat interested in the game for a while now, and when I saw it sold at the Board Game Society forum, I bought it right away. The set included also few expansions […]

  • Middle-Earth cards for sale

    I quit roleplaying games earlier and now it’s time for CCG’s. After several years of silence, I finally got around to selling my Middle-Earth: CCG cards. It’s an excellent game, but I never play it. Thus, the best parts of my collection are available at Chris’ MECCG Home Page. The rest of it — a […]

  • Cthulhu rises again

    Olli came by to trade Mythos cards. We also played a game, which I lost. Good for Olli, as it was his first attempt at deck building. I have to say my deck was easy on him — my Great War veteran tried to join the Black Pharaoh Brotherhood and then travel to R’Lyeh to […]

  • Mythos

    I played a game of Mythos. It’s one of my favourite multi-player collectible card games. Olli had bought some cards and we played a game so I could teach him the rules to the game. We used two of my decks, as he had no decks of his own built yet. My Mad German Inventor […]