I’m going to Jyväskylä this weekend and as usual, it means games. I’ll probably post the session reports Monday.

I’ve practised the art of game packing quite a lot. This time I’m bringing Puerto Rico, Balloon Cup, Land Unter, Coloretto, Mamma Mia! and King Lui. Because I’m taking the train, I’m going to walk a lot. I don’t want to carry many bags, so efficient packing is required. Well, all of that actually fits in the Puerto Rico box, if I remove the box insert. And I’ve got sleeves on all the cards, as well! The box is so full nothing else would fit, but that’s just effective logistics.

The card games (except Balloon Cup) take approximately half of the box. Balloon Cup — with all the components stuffed in the cube bag — takes a small bit and the rest of it is filled with Puerto Rico bags. Take a look:

Puerto Rico box filled with games

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2 responses to “Logistics”

  1. Amazing how much games fit in one box if you are a little creative…
    I did something similar for my summer holiday, packing 7 games in 2 boxes: Metro, Transamerica, Clans, Mamma Mia!, Fluxx, Odins Raben and the Settlers Card Game (with a couple expansions). There was even some room left in the Metro box, but since the boards from TA and Clans (and the rules from Odins Raben and Settlers Card Game) don’t fit in that box, I needed one more box anyway.

  2. Of course, it’s trivial to add something like Africa — just upgrade to the bigger Africa box and you can increase the amount of games delivered a lot.