Tag: storage solutions

  • Age of Steam repackaged

    I went and reorganized my Age of Steam set. The box is now reserved for maps, charts and rules (and it’s full — the new Mississippi Steamboats / Golden Spike set will fit, but no more thick sets!). All the bits are in a tackle box. The 24-hole Shakespeare box I had bought earlier held […]

  • Roads and Boats

    Woot! I’m a proud owner of a spanking new third edition Roads & Boats. Now I only need to find time to play it… And I also have to visit a fishing supply store to get some tackle boxes to sort all the bits and pieces. Just reading through the scenario book gets saliva running… […]

  • Storage solutions for Splotter games

    I’ve been happy with my ziploc bag arrangement for Antiquity, but seeing Tommy’s solution made me instantly jealous. So, since I was armed with a car yesterday, we drove to the Hong Kong junk paradise on the outskirts of the city and got me some Shakespeare equipment. I’ve got two different utility boxes. Antiquity uses […]

  • It’s all about packing

    It was something I have thought about and wondered for a while now, and the answer is yes: you can fit the base game, both expansions, the extra map and all sorts of stuff you printed from the web into the Memoir ’44 box. It isn’t a perfect fit, but everything goes in the box […]

  • Boxes

    Shannon Appelcline wrote a good article on game boxes in the Gone Gaming blog. The Problem with Game Boxes is a lament for the variety of different box sizes these games of ours come in: This might seem a pretty minor issue to kibitz about, but I suspect that storage issues affect just about anyone […]

  • Logistics

    I’m going to Jyväskylä this weekend and as usual, it means games. I’ll probably post the session reports Monday. I’ve practised the art of game packing quite a lot. This time I’m bringing Puerto Rico, Balloon Cup, Land Unter, Coloretto, Mamma Mia! and King Lui. Because I’m taking the train, I’m going to walk a […]

  • Ziploc bag overusers anonymous

    I confess — I just love ziploc bags. Today I re-bagged my Puerto Rico, inspired by a post to rec.games.board I saw. Now I have 55 colonists in one bag and a 4-player bag and a 5-player bag. Both have 20 colonists, one Prospector, a ship (7 and 8) and victory points (20 and 22). […]