Through the Desert with Johanna

We didn’t go hiking, even if it may sound like it. No, instead we played the brilliant Reiner Knizia masterpiece I bought Tuesday (with Ta Yü, which I haven’t played yet but which looks like a very neat game) to celebrate my WWTBAM victory.

Through the Desert reminds me of Go, the decisions where to play your camels are similar to stone placement problems in Go. It’s a fine game and one I’d like to play more.

Johanna liked the game — she likes the camels, but not the pastels. I agree… The camels are nice, but the colours aren’t my favourites. Anyway I like it when Johanna likes games, that’s always nice. She actually beat me, but it was a close match: 113-110. She did great work blocking a large area from me, that did it. Maybe we’ll play again some day and then I’ll beat her, hopefully.

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One response to “Through the Desert with Johanna”

  1. Congratulations on your WWTBAM winnings! I poppped over to your personal weblog to learn more, but even there I couldn’t really tell how you’ve done.
    Glad to hear you’re spending it on important things like games, too. 🙂