Go equipment

I got a packet from Gaimport today. In it I found two fake leather Go boards (19 by 19 and 13 by 13), two plastic containers for stones and a cardboard box containing two bags of stones. Exactly what I ordered.

I checked the stones, wiping them clean of some kind of oil they had. I also checked for chipped or otherwise faulty stones. None were completely broken, but few had small dents or other small damage. Fortunately both sets had well over 180 stones so that’s not a problem. I buried the worst stones on the bottom of the plastic containers. Also, the cheaper price can be seen in the small variation in the size of the stones. You can easily notice that some stones are thinner and some are thicker.

All in all I’m quite happy with the stones. They are look less like glass than I expected (the black ones are especially pretty) and they also feel good to touch. Unfortunately I can’t really enjoy the click sound on my fake leather boards. I’ll just have to see how well the stones survive use…

Edit: First stone chipped in March 2004 and it certainly wasn’t the first stone to fall from the table.

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