Millionaire business

I never wrapped up the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? experience. Some of it is hidden in the comments, but here’s the whole story.

Second time I went there, I went alone. It was easier now, having been there once before. I came in later than the other competitors and immediately had to tell them everything about the show, give some tips and so on. Which suits me fine, being able to brag with my superior experience. They were suitably impressed with my situation.

Unfortunately, I blew it on the first question. It was about the first sentence of Gone With the Wind. And we were just talking about the last sentence with Johanna earlier that week… I used both the lifelines, but that didn’t help me much. It was about Scarlett O’Hara — was she pretty or not. I guessed she was — should’ve known better.

Well, it wasn’t a big disappointment, or at least I wasn’t going to take it as one. It stung a bit, sure, but then again: why mourn for something I never had? I’m 20 000 euros richer and I only have to pay about half of it back to the Finnish state (and even that money goes for useful purposes) so I can buy plenty of games…

It was a very interesting experience and definitely worth it.

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5 responses to “Millionaire business”

  1. Now mister prime minister, after all I’m considering a career in state-funded library institution, which is sadly under-funded. So yes, please please let me pay more taxes to help the poor libraries. And while you’re at it, give some more money for the universities, which need it pretty badly, too. I might even graduate some day.
    So, yes. This country needs more paid taxes and I’m very happy to do my share. If that’s socialist, then it’s fine I suppose.

  2. But how do I choose where to give the tax money too? The economy is in the crapper right now!! There is little money to go around.
    If I gave tax money to EVERYONE who wanted it, we’d have to tax the Finns at about %344!! Everyone needs the money “badly, but who should we give it too?
    If we’re going to give money to the libraries, we need to cut it from somehwere….my question for you Mr. Saari, what from the budget should we cut?
    You socialists always forget that it takes money to make money! You want to spend it on this and that, always assuming that there IS money to spend!!

  3. Well, let’s see — Finland just bought some totally useless and overpriced tanks. That’s the cut number one. Members of parlament got a pay raise — cut number two. Alcohol tax was lowered — better raise that up again. Property tax is a bit low — there’s some room for a raise.
    I have lots of ideas from where to cut and where to add. I am aware of realities — there isn’t an endless supply of money floating around. It’s just when you see our tax money wasted on totally useless purposes… Why buy tanks, when the health care doesn’t work? I’d say health care is a bit more important than some old Leopards.
    I just believe the money that is to spend could be spent much better.
    But that’s the end of the political and economical debate here, unless it’s about Die Macher.

  4. Yeah, 500, 000e for 124 tanks?!?! What the hell were they thinking. 62 million euros could have done alot for healthcare, education, and libraries. Of course, we’re gonna need those tanks when the Russians invade us again!!
    You want to raise the alcohol tax?!?? Are you crazy?!? I don’t even want to raise that tax and I don’t drink!! (I’m an ex-alcoholic, I stopped drinking that night when I told Suvi-Anne Siimes that she looked like a Nazi soldier). The Finns will kill me if I raise that alcohol tax.
    It’s a fact that poor people like to drink, ALOT. Do you think that the poor, who can barely afford to put food on their table, be forced to pay 2.55e for a damn cider!! The rich have no problem with those prices but we’re just hurting the poor!!
    Like you said, “The money could have been spent much better, I completely agree. You know who spends their money most wisely?? Individuals, families, and companies do!! …NOT the government!! We’re inefficient and wasteful! Give money to the government is like giving whiskey to teenage boys!!
    Oh, and one little known secret…I am a Die Macher CHAMP!!! I’ll kick your butt!! 😉