Café Go

I played some Go both yesterday and today. Yesterday it was another game against Ilari, today I played against Olli who is ranked 8 kyu. We had a large crowd, five people! While I played my game, first Ilari and Juho played a 13×13 game and then Juho and Ari played some 9×9 (Ari was a complete newbie, Juho was new to the larger boards).

My game against Olli was rather interesting. Not knowing his ranking, I took four stones of handicap. The game was rather exciting and ended 61-63 for Olli. A final mistake cost me the victory, when a smallish area ended as a seki — I’m glad I got even seki, I was in danger of losing many stones there. It definitely showed I’m not expert with tesuji (ie. killer moves), but overall I’m very happy with my performance. The result was much better than I would have expected knowing Olli’s ranking.

Could it be I’m improving?

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