Online Go


Ok, so I go online at KGS to play some Go, and who I meet? Juho! My regular Monday games opponent!

It was certainly interesting… Juho has a KGS ranking of 21k, I was 12k. When we play face-to-face, I give one stone handicap, not nine… We’re both ranked wrong there. I gave Juho six stones twice, four stones and three stones once. I actually won the first six-stone game, Juho gave up after some pretty horrible mistakes.

He got his game together and won the next three games, of course. One of them was closer, two were pretty obvious victories. My rating dropped immediately to 15 kyu, which is much closer to my real level. I also got a stable ranking, removing an awkward question mark from my ranking. Hopefully Juho’s ranking got a boost, too.

It’s funny to play online against someone you know and play against in real world. But it’s certainly much faster, we played four games in about an hour. Well, not so much as we would’ve probably played two or three games in that time, maybe.

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