Games played today: Attika and Go

Attika boxI played some more Attika today on BSW. This time it was a three-player game, which I managed to win by building my 30 buildings first. It was a much longer game than the two before — 70 minutes as compared to the 20 minutes games I played earlier. One of my opponents played for the first time and was rather slow, so it could’ve been faster. I’m very slowly starting to figure out possible tactics and strategies, which is nice.

I also played two games of Go on KGS. First I won a Finnish player, then lost to a Russian guy with a very aggressive style. My style didn’t work with his style, which I should’ve probably figured out faster than I did. After these two games, my rank graph still doesn’t make much sense. But it looks like I might be settling near the 20k mark.

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