A box with something in it

Maul of America is a prime example of bad boxing. The game comes in a huge box (all the games I got from Jolly Roger were packed in the Maul of America box), which has almost nothing in it. The cardboard pieces that make the board use the surface of the box pretty well, but take whopping few millimeters of vertical space. Rest of the game would probably fit an envelope. When I look at the box, I think of Space Marine, which has a similar box. Space Marine box contained about 550 miniatures (in 6 mm scale, though) and 10 cardboard buildings. Maul of America has, what, 20 plastic stands to represent players and zombies.

Seriously — with a box that glamorous, I’d expect plastic figures and much better looks. Maul of America makes Cults Across America look good. I’m not saying the game is bad (though it well might be), I’m just saying the box promises a lot it’s contents don’t deliver. It also takes up a lot of space and for many enthusiastic gamers, shelf space is very valuable. Games with bad quality/size-ratio aren’t simply welcome.

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