Monday game session


Typical Monday session: we played Go. Juho kicked my butt twice, partially thanks to some rather grueling mistakes I made.

However, by then Ari had joined us and I was finally able to test out my Black Vienna deck. It worked well and the game was fun. Ari was the first one to make a guess, which he missed by one. When the chips ran out, Juho had one right and I had two — I made a 50/50 guess on the third suspect and got it wrong. What’s even worse, Ari had an investigation card on him telling me which of the suspects was the correct one. Stupid me. Still, it’s a great game if a wee bit difficult.

After that, we played two games of San Juan. I won both, thanks to Library. It’s such a marvellous building. However, it’s not the only thing that matters. In the first game, I had Prefecture from the start and the first building I built in the second game was Carpenter. Both were very useful. The second game was especially neat: the scores were 40-20-16. Both Juho and Ari were complete novices, without even Puerto Rico experience. That helps, at least in learning the rules.

There’s going to be a small break now, with no game session scheduled for next week (dentist beat games). Next time we’re playing Hammer of the Scots, unless I get more participants.

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