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  • Hot games for Q1/2008

    Oh my, another quarter gone! The previous one was good, how about this one? Wabash Cannonball is the hottest of the hot, and no wonder. I’ve loved every game so far. I’d like to try a five-player game at some point, to see how that changes the game. And of course more games with three […]

  • Jyväskylä visit: Black Vienna, Cuba

    I visited my mom at Jyväskylä with Nooa. Thanks to Easter, we stayed for three days, which — of course! — presented us with more opportunities for games (two evenings and Nooa’s nap time on Saturday). That in mind, I brought some new games to try. Black Vienna was a major hit. It went down […]

  • Black Vienna

    My homemade minimalist Black Vienna set is available at BoardGameGeek, thanks to prodding from Iain. I like it myself, a lot, it’s very black letters on white background, no-nonsense no-theme approach to the game.

  • Afternoon games: San Juan, San Marco

    I met the two Ollis for games today. We played San Juan, where I did the rare choice of pursuing producing as a career. That backfired, especially when I didn’t get a large building. At least I won my first game with Olli M., using a more old-fashioned purple strategy. Our bigger board game this […]

  • The Games Journal is out

    The latest issue of The Games Journal is out. Check out the article on Ambition, Mike Church’s card game. I enjoyed the article very much and I’m certainly looking forward to reading the next installment. My friend Stefu has also created a nice Black Vienna puzzle. I solved it, so it can’t be very difficult, […]

  • DaVinci Code

    Another review up: DaVinci Code. I know it’s a bit early to review the game, because I only have played the game few times and always with three players, but knowing that my opportunities to play pretty much anything this year are quite slim, I thought I’d like to get the review out for Christmas […]

  • Pre-Helcon games

    Helcon is history and it’s time to write another lengthy epic on the games played. The event was a wild success, with over 50 visitors during the two days. The place we had was practically full during the Saturday afternoon. There’s definitely new event next year, but we might be forced to look for a […]

  • New Games Journal is out

    The Games Journal has been notable for it’s steady schedule. This month it was late for the first time in a long time. That’s a shame, but fortunately the delay wasn’t long. The issue is a thin one, too. There’s an interesting review of Coda, which piqued my interest. Here’s Coda at Geek. I think […]

  • Boardgame club session: Black Vienna, Fish Eat Fish, Dia de los Muertos

    What a perfect little boardgame club meeting! I was there under three hours, and still managed to play all the three games I wanted to play and then some! Our session started with Black Vienna, once again. And guess what — nobody was able to figure out the correct combination of criminals. Olli M. was […]

  • Monday game session

    Typical Monday session: we played Go. Juho kicked my butt twice, partially thanks to some rather grueling mistakes I made. However, by then Ari had joined us and I was finally able to test out my Black Vienna deck. It worked well and the game was fun. Ari was the first one to make a […]