Goldland with Johanna

Robert from the boardgame club was very kind and gave me and Johanna a wedding gift. We couldn’t wait until our wedding! The large box turned out to be Goldland. It was a very good choice — I like the game and it was a good game for Johanna. It has a strong, interesting theme and gorgeous bits. Johanna isn’t too keen on different mechanics or such technical details: she likes games that are fun and look interesting. Goldland is exactly that kind of game.<-- So, yesterday we started exploring the land. Johanna focused on doing adventures and collected most of them. She also made it to the temple first. Well, after that, it was fairly obvious she would win the game and yeah, she smoked me 36-16. But hey, I don't mind losing to her and she loves to win — we both had a good time with the game. Thanks Robert!

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