Some statistics

I thought I’d entertain you with some statistics. This has nothing to do with games, but my blog, so feel free to skip this one. Anyway, I took everything I had written to Gameblog and wrote a program to count it. According to my counts, I’ve written about 135 000 words before this entry. That’s a good novel, really.

My 533 entries average to 259 words each, with a median of 175. 75% of the entries have under 300 or so words. Most of the entries are, thus, quite small, with some very large ones pushing up the average.

In 2002 the entries had an average of 225 words, in 2003 it was 282 words and this year it’s been 249 words. Nothing really emerges here, except a very small growing trend when one adds up ten-day averages. Most of my recent entries are on the low side, though, as I’ve been writing relatively few session reports and more short news items and other minor things (minor relating to the word count, anyway).

Highest peak is Lahti games weekend, Saturday and Sunday with almost 2000 words. Rest of the gaming weekend is another big one, almost 1600 words. There are few others in the 1000-1500 range. There’s Helcon, gaming at Tommy’s, Lahti weekends… that kind of entries.

I don’t know if this is interesting or anything, but I can certainly imagine more boring ways to kill time while waiting for the telephone to ring and the patrons to bother me. Meddling with numbers is entertaining (and this, I suppose, is quite revealing in relation to my taste in games).

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