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  • New look

    It was about time! I switched the blog from Movable Type to WordPress. I thought it would be a harrowing process, but it was fairly smooth (ok, my idea of smooth involves a fair bit of regexp fixing, mining data with MySQL queries and so on). This was my last active blog using Movable Type, […]

  • Gameblog has relocated

    Image via Wikipedia My web site Melankolia.net was taken down by hackers. It’s still down, as my hosting provider became quite unsupportive about it. Unfortunately the new host doesn’t have a certain module Movable Type needs and so I had to find another place to host this blog… All way too complicated. Nevertheless, here we […]

  • Analytics

    I haven’t been looking at Google Analytics for this blog in a long time. I was slightly surprised by the results, really. First of all — search (ie. Google) brings only about 60 % of the visitors. I’m used to much larger share. What’s even more odd is the amount of direct traffic, about 21 […]

  • New look

    Gameblog turns five this month. Five years! That’s almost ancient when it comes to web sites. To celebrate the blog’s advanced age, I decided to give it a bit of a makeover — after all, it has looked pretty much the same for the whole five years. Hope you like it, I think it looks […]

  • Gameblog is four years old!

    Hooray! Gameblog turns four today! Pretty amazing. Turns out many of my projects have longevity that surpasses what is generally expected from web fads. I suppose Gameblog will be there after next four years (it should get pretty interesting then, as Nooa will be four years old and in a prime age for his gaming […]

  • New Movable Type

    I’m now running Movable Type 3.121 here. Major changes include new, smarter URLs for entries (old files remain, so links are not entirely broken) and new commenting system. I now support TypeKey, which is a global registration service. If you register with TypeKey, you can use that id to comment in several blogs. In Gameblog, […]

  • Some statistics

    I thought I’d entertain you with some statistics. This has nothing to do with games, but my blog, so feel free to skip this one. Anyway, I took everything I had written to Gameblog and wrote a program to count it. According to my counts, I’ve written about 135 000 words before this entry. That’s […]

  • Best of the two years

    This blog is two years old now. It’s a fairly long time in the world of blogging, I think I read somewhere most blogs will fold in much shorter time. Hopefully Gameblog will continue for a long time. I wanted to compile some kind of list about the best entries I’ve written. I had some […]

  • Two years, who could believe it

    On 26th, this blog turns two. Amazing. This is entry number 495; looking back a year, I’ve written about 30 entries less this year than last year, but hey, who’s counting. 500 entries in two years is pretty good pace, I’d say. Well, anyway. I thought I’d ask a favour from you, my dear readers. […]

  • Related entries

    I added this wonderful new related entries plugin by Adam Kalsey. Tread lightly on the things of earth was very useful help, too. It’s quite neat, and hopefully it’ll be of use.