I got my hands on Doom: The Boardgame today. Oh my, it’s neat! I can’t help being a parakeet. The bits are gorgeous! The figures suffer a bit from silly colours (I’d like to see them painted well), but they are still rather impressive. The amount of cardboard is also stunning — the game is screaming for a ton of ziploc bags, which is a shame because I don’t have any right now. The box — a large one, too, it’s not wide like Twilight Imperium, but it sure is high — is a mess now I’ve punched out all the counters.

I’m looking forward to trying the game — with Johanna! She was intrigued by the game. She enjoyed watching me play Doom and other shooters on computer, so the idea of Doom: The Boardgame was fine with her. She’s probably going to play the invaders and try to kill me. Sounds fun.

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One response to “Doom”

  1. Mikko –
    My advice is to play the scenario from the Fantasy Flight website first. It’s shorter and easier for the marines.
    – Rick