Latest review on my Finnish site: Bang!

Quick and dirty English review: Bang! is an interesting game, with a solid theme. The underlying mechanics, which have more than little in common with Werewolf are less impressive. I prefer games with more structure and less fun, or else the fun must be more spectacular. More like, say, Spinergy and less like Bang! or Munchkin. I think Bang! is a decent game, but not for me.

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2 responses to “Bang!”

  1. Have you had an opportunity to play Louis XIV yet? This is one that I’ve been eagerly waiting for and it’s hard to get some solid info on if it’s a winner or not. Thanks.

  2. Sorry, no chance yet. Based on what I’ve read, I’d say it’s a winner, but not a superstar. But we’ll see, I’ll try it eventually. It’s just not high on my lists.