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  • Helcon 2006

    Helcon 2006 was a blast, and the most successful event of the Board Game Society history with almost 100 participants. I was there for the Saturday (limitation caused by being a parent; unfortunate for the gaming, but rewarding in other ways). I didn’t play that many games, but as you will see, sometimes (well, often) […]

  • Forum werewolves

    We’ve been playing Werewolf on the Board Game Society forums lately and it’s been a riot. I never quite understood the buzz on the Geek for Werewolf, but now I do. It’s a great game to play on a message board. When spread over several days, with all the history there to check… the accusations […]

  • Large group games: Werewolf and Attribute

    I spent Wednesday and Thursday on a cruise to Stockholm with the other writers from Enter magazine. There was some official programme, but the evenings were reserved for games. I was asked to bring games, as was Hanna, the other board gamer in Enter writers. I had underestimated the size of the group, so we […]

  • Bang!

    Latest review on my Finnish site: Bang! Quick and dirty English review: Bang! is an interesting game, with a solid theme. The underlying mechanics, which have more than little in common with Werewolf are less impressive. I prefer games with more structure and less fun, or else the fun must be more spectacular. More like, […]

  • The Games Journal is out

    A new issue of The Games Journal is out. This time it’s a slightly thinner one, with articles about not figuring out games and the duration of games and a review of Werewolf.

  • Unloading

    I have tons of things to say, so I’ll just start with something: I got a load of games from daVinci Games Friday. I’m now proud owner of Bang! (with High Noon expansion), Lupus in Tabula (their take on Werewolf) and King Me! (aka Viva il Re!). The games seem quite interesting, especially King Me! […]