I got a review copy of Dividends from Fun Factory Games. For a new company, they’ve certainly got the production values right. Dividends looks very sleek and actually looks more modern than pretty much anything else I have.

The game seems interesting enough: it’s a fairly simple stock-market game of buy, sell and earn dividends. The catch is the player amount: the game handles 2-12 and at least Tom Vasel says the game is best with five or more.

There are plenty of stock-market games out there — Acquire comes to mind — but there aren’t many games that support over six or seven players. Party games, sure, but this is something else than your average party game.

Well, we’ll see — next board game club meeting is soon and I hope to try the game, hopefully with lots of players.

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One response to “Dividends”

  1. I have played Dividends a couple of times and it is a fun game, quite quick. I’d say you need five players as an absolute minimum. They did a remarkable job with the production of the game — it looks great.