Moving sucks

Moving is nasty business. While board games aren’t the worst hobby to move (bibliophilia is pretty bad), it still isn’t fun. I had to haul something like three-four boxes and six or so bags full of big box games. That’s a lot, and it sure makes me feel like reducing the size of my collection. Then again, I’ve moved them now, so why bother? But perhaps more aggressive selling is necessary before the next move, and meanwhile I should probably work to keep the collection in sensible limits.

I hear Ropecon went well. Board game loaning was a big thing, with something like 300-400 loans during the weekend. Multiply that with about three players for each game and you get pretty impressive numbers!

I’m writing this on Wednesday and I don’t have a clue when this’ll be online. We’ll have to wait until next Monday or so to get our Internet connection together, which is very annoying… Meanwhile our precious PowerBook refuses to acknowledge GPRS modem connection through my cell phone.

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5 responses to “Moving sucks”

  1. What operator and phone model do you have? I’ve successfully connected my Powerbook through GPRS using Nokia 6600, 3230 and N70 (all ‘Series 60’ smart-phones).

  2. I have N-Gage QD and Saunalahti. Getting GPRS connection to web or N-Gage Arena is not a problem, but getting the Powerbook to use that connection is. I’m quite clueless on how to do it…

  3. Have a look here:
    Copy the Nokia GPRS script to directory “/Library/Modem Scripts” on your Macintosh HD.
    Go back to “Set up Bluetooth Device” (from the Bluetooth menu in the top right of the screen). Find your N-Gage QD and set it up. When you get to the section starting “To access the Internet using your phone…” enter the same username and password you use for accessing the web from the phone (for Elisa, it’s “rlnet” and “internet”), and in the “GPRS CID String” field give the GPRS access point name (e.g. “internet” for Elisa). For the Modem Script select the one you just downloaded and installed. Then it should work.

  4. Thanks! Won’t help me now, but it’s good to have for the future in case I need it.

  5. Try moving twice in less than 3 months! My games filled nearly 50 boxes! Fortunately, most of them were still in boxes when we (OK, my wife!) decided to move us again.