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  • Start of a collection

    I got two shipments of playing cards today, and look, I have a start of a playing card collection. I ordered a various bunch of different decks, some for use, some for decoration. Here’s what I have: Swedish Öbergs cards. The Swedish standard. Found these in Clas Ohlsson, a Swedish hardware store that’s spreading in […]

  • Gipf collection complete

    With the today’s arrival of Yinsh, my Gipf collection is complete. It doesn’t include Tamsk (hard to get, not very interesting behind the time pressure) or Pünct (a connection game) or most of the extra sets (none but number two with the Zèrtz rings). Another collection was recompleted with the newfangled Buka Invasion set for […]

  • New acquisitions: Turbo Taxi and Dvonn

    I got new games today! Turbo Taxi was a must for me, I knew it from the description. After all, I love Ricochet Robot and this one’s right at the same league. Players must assemble a city road network using nine of their twelve pieces (everybody has the same set). There are few limits: the […]

  • Boxes

    Shannon Appelcline wrote a good article on game boxes in the Gone Gaming blog. The Problem with Game Boxes is a lament for the variety of different box sizes these games of ours come in: This might seem a pretty minor issue to kibitz about, but I suspect that storage issues affect just about anyone […]

  • Moving sucks

    Moving is nasty business. While board games aren’t the worst hobby to move (bibliophilia is pretty bad), it still isn’t fun. I had to haul something like three-four boxes and six or so bags full of big box games. That’s a lot, and it sure makes me feel like reducing the size of my collection. […]

  • Reasons for enjoying games

    I came across a rather interesting blog entry about enjoying games. The author cites three aspects on which he finds games stimulating: intelligence, imagination and social. It’s easy to come up with games that provide intellectual stimulation, but not much else. I think most two-player abstract strategy games fall into this category. It’s a weakness […]

  • New games

    My game collection has grown with two new games. I picked up Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation and Balloon Cup from the post office today. They were my reward for translating the Dragon Ball Z card game rules. I’m looking forward to trying Balloon Cup as soon as possible, it seems like a rather […]