Board game blog review (and linking)

I think board game bloggers could link to each other a bit more. Most blogs have a blogroll, that’s good (and quite a few link to me, that’s always nice!). Still, maybe few more entries with links to other board game blogs wouldn’t be bad? Pointing out the best stuff in other blogs, you know.

I noticed Yehuda had a something of a negative attitude for blogs that link to other blogs instead of creating their own content (see Linkposts), but I think maintaining the network with new links every now and then is a good thing for everyone involved.

It’s a win-win thing in my opinion. If I reference your blog, I get a kick of new material, while you get a link from me and some Google power. The extra Google value you get from my link seeps to the blogs you link to and so on — the more we link to each other, the stronger we get.

Of course, producing new content and being creative is still important and that’s what ultimately draws in readers. However, everybody doesn’t read the same blogs so links to good content elsewhere are useful. I certainly would welcome a digest blog that would collect all the best stuff in the board game blogs of the world.

And now to the main point of this entry: a review of blogs new and old. Let’s start with some blogs we have lost: hasn’t updated since February, so it’s off the list. He’s using the Geek, it seems, but hasn’t been writing to his blog.

Chris Lohroff has been quiet since December. That’s a shame. Gameblogger has also disappeared entirely. She went quiet a long time ago, but now the whole blog is gone. It’s a pity; I enjoyed her writing.

Ron’s Info-Closet Annex has been silent since April. Settling Catan stopped last September; I suppose Catan is still unsettled.

Fortunately, there are new-comers, as well:

A new one for me is Rick’s Boardgame Blog. If I’m not completely wrong, Rick is Fawkes from BoardGameGeek. I sure like his writing there, so his blog can’t be bad.

Gone Gaming is a brilliant new-comer, a group blog with interesting writers. There’s already several good entries.

Joe Steadman’s blog Stuck in Korea by Joe Steadman is also worth checking out.

Weekly Amateur Gaming Society blog is good pick for those who enjoy reading session reports.

Aka Pastor Guy is Mark Jackson’s blog, a mixture of board games and religion. It’s an interesting mix. Mark seems like a pretty sensible guy even to an atheist like yours truly and his blog is an interesting insight to a different world — with board games in it!

Incunabula lives in a different, murky corner of the board game world. Maybe that’s why the blog’s on my list?

Dallas Lumbersmiths have probably the best blog tagline in the board game blog world: “We’ve Got Wood For Your Sheep”. You dirty, dirty people!

Koldfoot of Gone Gaming fame has his own blog, too, &games. It’s worth checking out. I can certainly sympathize with all the cold Alaska stuff.

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6 responses to “Board game blog review (and linking)”

  1. Yes, the Rick of Rick’s boardgame blog is, indeed, BGG’s Fawkes.
    Unfortunately a new job has really been keeping Rick hopping lately, and his blogging has been pretty infrequent lately.
    Still worth keeping an eye on, though, because his stuff is great.

  2. I agree Mikko. Thanks for the list. I’ve only recently re-discouvered blogs through the discouvery of a good (read free) rss aggregator. I think references to other good articles only helps the community.

  3. I found the links just by checking the different blogs and their blog rolls. All it takes is reading lots of blogs (which, of course, not everybody does, thus mentioning links is good).