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  • Chris Farrell is back!

    One of my favourite bloggers, Chris Farrell, is back! His new blog is called Illuminating Games. His insights on Glory to Rome are interesting, especially considering I just bought the game (I’m hoping to play it next Thursday, we’ll see).

  • Agricola and aboutness

    Agricola gets an update. The family board gets a new action and the day labourer action is altered. The new action (which goes in the empty spot on the family game board) is “Build stables and/or bake bread” and the day labourer now produces one food and one wood, clay, stone or reed. Also, the…

  • Recommend me blogs to read

    I just moved my blog subscriptions from Bloglines to Google Reader, because Bloglines blanked out yesterday — no updates on any blogs at all. It seems to work now, but perhaps I’ll try something else for a while. Changing readers is fortunately very simple, as all good feed readers use standard export/import tools. The compatibility…

  • Purple Pawn

    Yehuda keeps busy with blogging. His latest project is the game news web site Purple Pawn. He covers board and card games. I’ve added his newsfeed on my side bar, so check it out. Apparently he’s looking for news editors, so if you’re interested, get in touch with him.

  • New blogs

    There’s a new Age of Steam blog, run by Alban Viard and Michael Webb. The initial entries are mostly about the designs of their expansions, which is always interesting. There’s an RSS feed, too. I’ve started a new blog myself: Mikko reads has short book reviews in English.

  • Objective vs subjective

    Yehuda asks: Is there a solid line between objective and subjective evaluation? Most people don’t agree with my particular assessment of Saint Petersburg, and not only due to my subjective criticisms. It’s possible that my objective criticisms are more subjective than I am willing to believe. Is it tautological that when people disagree about a…

  • Essence of Euro-style games

    Lewis Pulsipher’s article The Essence of Euro-style Games was published in The Game Journal. It describes what makes Euro games, particularly in opposition to war games. I don’t think the article is that great — there’s little new in it — but it had one interesting point: Euro games are very pacific. At PowWow04 Stephen…

  • New blogs

    Check out Boardgamers’ Pastime, a fairly new blog from Mario Lanza. The entries so far look great and the Tikal logo is absolutely gorgeous. Also worth checking out is the latest project of mine, Best of Board Games, which aims to link to various interesting board game resources. It’s a bit of a work-in-progress at…

  • Loads of blogs

    As long as we’re linking is a big list of board game blogs. I picked several new ones on my Bloglines lists. Thanks, Yehuda!

  • Taj Mahal

    Isn’t it funny, when Brian Bankler describes what he sees as the fundamental flaw in Taj Mahal in his article Worst Poker variant ever, he actually describes the very thing I find so attractive in the game? It’s exactly the mechanic where you lose the cards, whether you win the pot or not that makes…