Three years!

Oops, almost missed the anniversary (actually, I thought it was the 22nd). I do remember our wedding anniversary (which is day after tomorrow), so perhaps I’ll just try to remember that this blog’s anniversary is two days before that.

Which makes it today. Gameblog has been up three years now. I don’t know about the other board game blogs, but I’m fairly sure mine was one of the earliest. It’s still going on strong, so far I’ve written an average of about 230 entries each year. I’m happy with that pace; I don’t have a need to post every day, but that’s fast enough to keep people interested.

Based on occasional comments, I’d guess somebody even reads this blog. Well, I do have 70 subscribers in Bloglines; I do feel happy and warm whenever I see that number. Thanks are certainly due to everyone who’s linked to me (Rick Thornquist in Gamewire was kind of a highlight), thus giving me welcome visibility.

If anybody has suggestions to add to the Best of the two years list (thus making it “Best of three years”), comments are open.

A small suggestion to wrap this entry up: what if we had a board game blogger dinner in Essen? I’m certain I’m not the only blogger there. It would be nice to meet and discuss the fine art of board game blogging. Think about it and drop me an e-mail or comment, if you’re interested. Readers are welcome, too, of course!

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5 responses to “Three years!”

  1. Congrats Mikko! You were one of the first and remain one of the best. I know you were one of my inspirations.
    I’d love to do a blogger dinner at Essen. I’m traveling there with 2 other bloggers myself. Let me know how I can help coordinate.

  2. Now it’s my turn to congratulate you! The only boardgaming blog I can think of that predates you is Nimrods. You were definitely my main inspiration.
    Now I am even more upset because I cannot go to Essen.

  3. Any help with coordinating the dinner is welcome. If someone knows a good restaurant somewhere within say 10-15 minutes of the Messe hall, suggestions are welcome.

  4. Mikko, congratulations on your anniversary! I am afraid I am not reading your blog since day #1. But since I discovered Gameblog I am a regular visitor and it’s always a great experience. Thanks for sharing!