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When I walked to work today, I thought about StreetSoccer. I don’t count the play-by-web games in my statistics, but if I did, StreetSoccer would be second on my most-played games list; I’ve so far played 270 games at Little Golem.

Early on my career my rating dipped down to below 1400 (it’s an ELO rating that starts at 1500), climbed up, dropped down again and has since climbed up. Right now I’m sitting at 1660 and had my all-time high this week. That means I’ve learned the game and win more than lose, right?

It also proves that StreetSoccer isn’t a game of luck. After all, if it were a game of luck, I would’ve won and lost equal amount of games, especially after playing as many as 270 games. However, as that is not the case, it’s a game of skill — at least to some extent. QED.

However! That’s not at all what my game stats actually say. I’ve won 101 games and lost 113, with 46 draws (ie. games on extra time; some won, some lost, some actually drawn). First: I’ve lost more than won, and still my rating is rising. Second: My win/loss rating is interestingly close to 50/50.

Well — recently I’ve won more than lost, which explains my rating climb. Also, most of my losses are against superior players, which taxes my rating less. Every now and then I win one of those superior players, which gives a nice boost to my rating.

I suppose I’ll stop, before I bore everybody to death. I just want to mention that while I wrote this, I lost a game, dropping me back to 1646 points. Bah. Also, last season I did very well in the championships (and forgot to blog about it!). After two seasons of close-but-not-quite placements just on the wrong side of the promotion border, I finally placed third in my division, which means a promotion to a higher league!

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  1. I’ve always liked StreetSoccer, but I used to think it was just an amusing luckfest. A few games at Little Golem against some really good players gave me a new appreciation for the game.