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  • Through the Ages and 18xx

    I’ve been playing some Through the Ages recently on Boardgaming Online. Turns out it’s one of those games I like less the more I play. The way the civilizations are built and everything is abstracted I still consider brilliant, but I’m getting more and more frustrated in the military aspects of the game. It’s the […]

  • Through the Ages play-by-web

    There’s a nice Through the Ages play-by-web site at Boardgaming Online. The interface is not very smooth, but it works as long as you know how to play the game. I’m in couple of games. One of them hasn’t progressed much — four players, different countries — but the other went seven rounds today thanks […]

  • Hacienda

    Another review up: Hacienda. Hacienda is a solo work from Wolfgang Kramer, published by Hans im Glück. That’s quite a combo: one of the esteemed professional designers and one of the most appreciated publishers known for quality games. This definitely sets up the expectations. While Hacienda isn’t a particularly great game, it’s good. What Kramer […]

  • Hacienda at SpielByWeb

    We played a game of Hacienda at SpielByWeb. It was a pleasantly quick match, just a week. You can see the final results. I won, but it was a bit of a surprise. I was the only player to try the massive land chain -strategy, so perhaps that was it? I made a mistake, though: […]

  • Forum werewolves

    We’ve been playing Werewolf on the Board Game Society forums lately and it’s been a riot. I never quite understood the buzz on the Geek for Werewolf, but now I do. It’s a great game to play on a message board. When spread over several days, with all the history there to check… the accusations […]

  • Roads and Boats by Web

    There’s a PBW implementation of Roads and Boats! It’s called Roads & Boats by Web and it’s currently in early testing. I want to test, too! I set up a two-player game for testing purposes. You can join the game; the password is “gameblog”. Please only join if you plan to finish the game in […]

  • Puerto Rico PBW over

    Our PBW Puerto Rico game is over. It took about five months, which is too much. The delays got pretty bad at times. Well, I’m not to blame, even though I had few longer delays: I was still the fastest player to respond according to the end-game statistics. I lost, but it was close: the […]

  • Alien City

    Iain challenged me for a game of Alien City (the Piecepack Wiki page has rules) at Super Duper Games. Alien City is a close relative of Fresh Fish (and as a result, Fresh Fish suddenly feels a lot less unique). In both games, a road network forms on the board as a result of players’ […]

  • Byte

    Iain challenged me to play Alien City on Super Duper Games. It’s a neat game, which I’ll write about when I finish the game. However, I also got a challenge to play Byte from the game’s designer. I was surprised to know I had played one of his earlier designs as well (Tanbo). Byte is […]

  • StreetSoccer ratings

    When I walked to work today, I thought about StreetSoccer. I don’t count the play-by-web games in my statistics, but if I did, StreetSoccer would be second on my most-played games list; I’ve so far played 270 games at Little Golem. Early on my career my rating dipped down to below 1400 (it’s an ELO […]