Good offers

As much as I wish to support the local game store, there are some offers you just can’t afford to miss. Ta Yü is a really good game that’s been either too expensive or hard to get. Now it’s neither, as just about every German online store is unloading it at 19.90 euros. Go grab it, it’s well worth the 20 euros! I’ve rated it as nine in Geek, and it might be worth a ten.

It’s the mix of simple, intuitive mechanics (everybody can learn the game in 30 seconds) and relatively deep gameplay that makes me think Ta Yü is likely to be played for the next ten or twenty years — or even longer. It feels like a timeless classic already. That quality (both mechanics and pieces) at 20 euros? That’s a steal.

Another pretty good deal: four copies of Lost Valley for 38.90 euros. I’m not sure why anybody would need four, but go on, buy them and create the mega game of Lost Valley you’ve always wanted to play! Or give the extra three copies as gifts, perhaps. The price is definitely well set.

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One response to “Good offers”

  1. Good tip! I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced Ta Yü since I first saw the game few years back in Lahti. 19.90 is not only a reasonable price, it’s a bargain. So I ordered this and Caylus from Adamspielt. Looking forward to both!