Ta Yü rules

Since Ta Yü is generally available for a very cheap price (well, at least in Germany), I thought translating the rules might be a good idea. Thus, I present to you: Ta Yü rules in Finnish.

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6 responses to “Ta Yü rules”

  1. Coincidentally, Ta Yu arrived today in my latest Adam Spielt order. You must have subconsciously realised that and posted this today just for that reason… or maybe not, as I don’t speak a word of Finnish!

  2. I wish Ta Yu was available for a cheap price here in the states. It’s been on my wish list since I played it at MegaCon a few years ago.

  3. Mikko,
    Quick question: your session report of Hazienda mentioned that Maija wanted to buy the game right after playing. Is she someone that is well-versed in German games? If she is, it makes me look at Hazienda more closely. If she’s new to the genre, then it’s not as significant that she liked it. I’m a big Kramer fan, but I haven’t been too intrigued with his stuff lately.
    By the way, good interview with Tom!

  4. I think Maija is more of a gamer’s wife. You know, she likes games, plays them, but is not a true gamer herself.
    General consensus on Hazienda seems to be that it’s a really solid game, but not quite exciting enough. If you’re a big Kramer fan, you should probably try it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  5. Okay, that’s cool. I’m into “really solid games”. If it has substance, I can justify owning it.

  6. My wife (Maija) has a good taste. I’m a gamer and I like Hazienda much. It’s true that there aren’t actually anything new, but everything has been made well: many ways to get points, you want to do more things in a turn than you can etc. Just get it!