Blue Moon session

I met Olli for some Blue Moon. We played for few hours and hey, Blue Moon is already on my 5&10’s list this year. We had time for exactly ten games.

Interesting enough, a first player to act won all games. That wasn’t the case last time, but it sure is curious. There’s an advantage in starting the fight, as you get to choose the element, but that shouldn’t carry through the whole game. I’ll put this down as a coincidence, but I’ll have to keep an eye on statistics.

Anyway, lots of it has to do with the decks and how they interact. Also, our game is on a pretty low level still, I don’t think there’s much thought given to what the opponent can or will do. It’s just relaxed playing, trying to do the best you can with the deck you have. That’s fun and it’s also good to know there’s more to the game, more layers to discover when you play more.

I’ve now tried all the decks. My favourites so far are Mimix (fairly strong characters, some deck recycling), Aqua (protected characters, Water of Immortality) and Pillar (strong boosters, Caterpillars). There are no peoples I dislike; I’ll be happy to play with any.

We also tried the Emissaries & Inquisitors cards I got. Those were an interesting addition to the game, but I think I probably won’t use them much, at least yet. I’m having good enough time playing with the basic decks. Advanced deck building will have to wait for now.

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2 responses to “Blue Moon session”

  1. I have a regular game going each lunch at work. We’re having a great time exploring the 56(?) combinations, and seeing interesting matches. The Mimix seem difficult to play and are regularly being thrashed. The Aqua seemed great early, but we easily beaten by the Khind and the Flit. I was having good results with the Terrah, but was fought to a standstill today using them against the Pillar (unfinished … score 2-3).
    The Flit seem to me to be the strongest deck … the ones who do well against most of the others.
    Great little game!

  2. Actually, 36 combinations if you don’t mind which way you play and have two sets so you can play the same decks. 28 if you play different decks. Still plenty enough!
    In our games Flit and Vulca are the only two decks with no losses so far. Well, that’s just 17 games and both have been played twice or so, so that’s nothing yet.
    It would be interesting to see more statistics on how the different decks do against each other.