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  • Quackle! (Snorta!)

    Review of Quackle! in Finnish. Snorta! — or Quackle!, as it’s known in Finland — is a light party game. The rules are very simple, the components attractive, the game works for up to eight players and it’s easy enough for kids yet interesting enough for adults to enjoy it as well. The components are […]

  • Crystal Code

    Review of Crystal Code in Finnish. Crystal Code is designed by Grzegorz Rejchtman, the designer of Ubongo. The two games are similar: in both games, players race against time and each other to solve pattern recognition problems for rewards. What’s most important, both games manage to avoid the most common pitfall of speed games. Often […]

  • Games with Olli: Gipf, Zèrtz, Crystal Code, Celtica

    Olli made a quick visit yesterday for some games. We started with Gipf. Now, played face-to-face with a real board and the correct rules, I think the game’s actually pretty good. My play-by-email experiences didn’t do the game justice, I suppose. Now it was definitely fun. I think I’ll be playing more of this, especially […]

  • Halli Galli

    Here’s my Finnish Halli Galli review. Halli Galli is an entertaining speed game. Each player has a deck of cards. The cards are turned over one by one in turn, so that each player has a discard pile in front of them. Whenever the top cards of the piles show exactly five fruits of a […]

  • Labyrinth — Die Schatzjagd

    Review of Labyrinth — Die Schatzjagd in Finnish. Labyrinth — Die Schatzjagd is a new game under the Amazing Labyrinth banner. It’s quite different from the other labyrints, though. Treasures in a maze This time players are tracing their way through small labyrinth cards, trying to find treasure chests. There are ten chests on each […]

  • Flix Mix

    Another review up: Flix Mix (in Finnish). Flix Mix is one of my favourite speed games. Each player has an identical deck of 16 cards, all featuring six dots sporting different colours. The goal of the game is to get rid of cards by laying them on the table. There’s just one limitation: each card […]

  • Small game session: Louis XIV, Modern Art, Turbo Taxi

    I met some guys last Saturday for a small session of games. I’ll be missing the next two board game club sessions for various reasons (mostly Essen), so it was good to get some games going. We started with Turbo Taxi, as we were one player short. Well, the missing player joined us after the […]

  • New acquisitions: Turbo Taxi and Dvonn

    I got new games today! Turbo Taxi was a must for me, I knew it from the description. After all, I love Ricochet Robot and this one’s right at the same league. Players must assemble a city road network using nine of their twelve pieces (everybody has the same set). There are few limits: the […]

  • Board game club session: Killdog, Amazonas, Sunda to Sahul

    Yesterday’s board game club session was quite splendid. I got to play several interesting games. It was also great to see Robert, now back from a few month trip to Singapore. Don kicked off the session. Even though Don has pretty neat chips in itself, I instantly replaced them with my spanking new poker chips […]

  • Verflixxt, Amazing Labyrinth

    I came across two new games I haven’t heard about yet. Verflixxt is a new game from Kramer and Kiesling, but far from their earlier work together. The board of this roll and move game is made of cards with number values from -10 to +10. The last piece to leave each card (each player […]