BSW games: team Genial, Verflixxt, San Juan

I’ve been playing in BrettSpielWelt. It’s fun, particularly as I had to skip a game session yesterday because I had surprise surgery (tonsillectomy and uvulectomy; I’ve been waiting the operation for, like, nine months and then they book me with a week’s warning).

Today’s highlight was a team game of Einfach Genial, first one for me. It was also the first Genial game in BSW I’ve been able to win. Thanks to Markku for helping me! It was a tight match; I first thought we were winning, then saw our lead disappear and then we managed to salvage it in the end. Excellent game, and I expect to play the team game whenever I have four players up for a game of Genial.

I have already eight games of Genial this year and expect a lot more, since it seems to be a very popular game with the Finnish folks in BSW. It’s very easy in general to find someone to play Genial, thus it’s always a good game to start with.

I also played another two-player game of Verflixxt and while I enjoy the game — I think it’s a pretty good for what it is — it’s definitely not a hot two-player game. I’ll probably avoid two-player games from now on. It’s on my to-review list, I think I’ve played it enough.

San Juan remains a BSW staple. It plays fast, it works well with two, three or four and I’m pretty good at it (my victory rate is about 40%). I’m actually thinking about raising its rating to ten, it’s such a good game.

Actually, I just noticed there’s a Mac OS X version available at the Geek. Now that’s something I need to check out! Expect a report later on!

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One response to “BSW games: team Genial, Verflixxt, San Juan”

  1. I just tried the OSX San Juan–pretty nifty! I won my first game, though, which leads me to wonder about its AI…I’m usually pretty terrible.