Hacienda at SpielByWeb

We played a game of Hacienda at SpielByWeb. It was a pleasantly quick match, just a week.

You can see the final results. I won, but it was a bit of a surprise. I was the only player to try the massive land chain -strategy, so perhaps that was it? I made a mistake, though: I thought it was possible to pile up several haciendas on the same land chain, Carcassonne style. It’s not. Oops.

Well, I only bought one useless hacienda and that was repayed by another player, who had the same wrong idea of the rules and blocked me by buying a water area that netted me six points in the end. So, that kind of balanced it. In the end, I scored huge points for land, haciendas and water, while connecting to three markets (I could’ve connected a fourth one in the end, but buying water was more profitable at that point) and those primarily for money.

The web version is nice, as it offers the possibility to use different board layouts easily. That’s hard to do with the real board game. We played using the chewed dog bone asymmetrical board, which was a refreshing change from the symmetrical dog bone board.

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