Impulsive shopping — Hive and Looping Louie

Got some games, on a whim. Despite my cool initial feelings towards Hive, I couldn’t resist the new bakelite edition. Just too cool, you can’t beat big, chunky pieces of plastic when it comes to board game pieces.

I also bought the new edition of Looping Louie. I’m not sure if I would’ve bought it without Nooa — now I’m sure he will love the game, and while I’m waiting for him to grow up a bit (three years or so), I can have fun with the game with my friends. It’s just so charming for such a stupid game.

I customized my game a bit, by the way. I still had the extra Friedemann and Maura stickers from my copy of Finstere Flure — now they’re running with the chickens. The stickers were a perfect match.

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