More Phoenicia

Phoenicia boxThree more rounds of two-player Phoenicia. Two were quite exciting: first one went to tiebreaker, second one I eventually won as Tommy continued to struggle with economical restraints. Storage is good thing to have. The third game was a slaughter; unfortunately I was in the receiving end.

It’s fun, but the small number of cards makes the games feel a bit samey. The breadth of strategies seems somewhat limited. There seem to some key choices and some tactical wiggling, but nothing like the scope of choices in San Juan. I’m pretty sure multiplayer games will fix this somewhat, as the number of cards is bigger. As a two-player game, Phoenicia seems to be a nice filler if played fast.

I did have a good time, despite continuing graphics problems with the software. It’s still a must-buy for me, I do enjoy the game that much.

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