Blue Moon City and Attika

Blue Moon City boxOur game session dwindled up to just two players, me and Olli, but I saw no need to change the main course. I’ve heard Blue Moon City is good with just two, so of course I had to try it. Turns it out works just fine. Both our games were quite exciting enough.

Some folks complain about the photo finish feature of Blue Moon City, and sure, both our games ended 6-5 (Olli won the first one, I got the second). I don’t mind. It is possible to lose badly in Blue Moon City, but it’s also fairly easy to do well. At least it keeps the games exciting. With a short game like this, I don’t mind the occasional lucky victory or a kingmaker situation, as I enjoy the process and the game doesn’t feel like a luckfest.

Good game, and I’m definitely looking forward to playing this one more.

Attika boxLast time I was pruning my game collection I had to stop and think about Attika. I like it, I’ve played it a lot (25 games is a lot to me), but will I play it in the future? I decided to keep it, and to reinforce that decision, I made some effort to actually play the game.

I like the two-player game, it’s close, tense and doesn’t have the blocking problem (when someone is about to win, someone has to block, but who’ll do the sacrifice?) of the multi-player game. Ours was a good game, with enough wheeling and dealing. I almost got a temple chain — one turn, and I would’ve won — which Olli blocked, but eventually my experience and efficiency overrun Olli and I was able to finish the game as my victory.

It’s been a while since I last played the game, but I hope the next session will be sooner. I do like the game.

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